Pakistan displays some of Asia’s most magnificent landscapes as it stretches from the Arabian Sea, its southern border, to some of the world’s most spectacular mountain ranges in the north. Pakistan is also home to sites that date back to word’s earliest settlements rivaling those of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Located in South Asia, Pakistan shares an eastern border with India and a north-eastern border with China. Iran makes up the country’s south-west border, and Afghanistan runes along its western and northern edge. The Arabian Sea is Pakistan’s southern boundary with 1,064 km of coastline.

The country has a total area of 796,095 sq km and is nearly four times the size of the United Kingdom. From Gawadar Bay in it’s south-eastern corner, the country extends more than 1,800 km to the Khunjerab Pass on China’s border. Pakistan is a land of many splendors. The scenery changes northward from coastal beaches, lagoons and mangrove swamps in the south to sandy deserts, desolate plateaus, fertile plains, dissected upland in the middle and high mountains with beautiful valleys, snow-covered peaks and eternal glaciers in the north.

Feel free to select from the amazing diversity of natural beauty spots, glorious historical sights and unique folklore. Discover Pakistan:

  • Sea coast
  • Mountains
  • Old Towns
  • Fortresses
  • Natural Parks and Reserves
  • Rock Formations, Caves
  • Folklore Festivals
  • Shopping in Lahore
  • Gourmet Specialties

There’s something magical about Pakistan’s cities. Come and experience the feeling for yourself.